Tell the Time

Telling the Time If you have a problem how to tell the time in English, let's learn how to do it. Level A1 Let's learn how to tell the time. Look at the clock and

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My Bird

Can you draw and describe your bird? Level A1 Year 3 I like drawing and I'm crazy about learning English. This is my drawing and I'm going to describe my bird in English. This is

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Ladybug, My Favourite Cartoon Character Tell about your favourite cartoon character, will you? Year 3 Level A1 Elementary Hi, I'm Karina. I'm eight. I like watching cartoons. I'd like to tell you about my favourite cartoon

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Grammar Test Year 3

Grammar Time To do this grammar test Year 3 well, you should at first revise Present Simple and Present Continuous. Grammar Test Year 3 Part 1 Choose the right form. 1.The book … interesting. am

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Happy Thanksgiving Day

Learn American Traditions Elementary school Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving Day is a special day in the USA. It is an important holiday in America. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November. They

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Months and Seasons for Beginners

Let's learn the names of the months and the seasons Elementary School Task 1. Онуки (Months) дідка (year) вийшли гуляти й розбіглися. Мами (Seasons) шукають їх. Допоможіть порам року знайти місяці. Випишіть їх у правильному

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Speak About Meals

Elementary School, Year 3. Let's speak about meals. Vocabulary eat - їсти What are you eating? drink - пити She is drinking water. cook - готувати їжу My mum cooks in the kitchen. а cook - кухар What is

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Ukrainian Holidays, Christmas

Year 3. Let's learn about Ukrainian holidays. Vocabulary home - дім sweet - солодкий Home, sweet home. - Дім, рідний дім. Ukrainian - український holidays - свята; канікули winter holidays - зимові канікули summer holidays - літні канікули holiday - свято

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