Halloween Holiday of Fun

Read about Halloween Holiday of Fun Level A1 Elementary In autumn British and American children like to celebrate a very nice holiday – Halloween holiday of fun. It is on the thirty-first of October. People

To Be Present Simple

Grammar Time Let's learn the forms of the the verb to be in Present Simple Tense To Be Present Simple Affirmative sentence (Розповідне речення) I am / I'm You are / You're He is /

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Shapes Word List

Let's learn shapes! Shapes Word List circle - коло semicircle - півколо ellipse - еліпс oval - овал heart - серце crescent - півмісяць; рогалик triangle - трикутник square / quadrate - квадрат rectangle -

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Beginners: Speak About Yourself

Year 1. Speak about yourself My name is … My family name is … I am … (5, 6). I have blue eyes, blonde hair, small ears, a small nose and a small mouth. I

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Whose Is This? Year 1 Possessive Case

Let's learn how to say whose these things are. Read Whose is this? – This is Tico’s T-shirt. Whose is this? – This is Mr. Maccaroni’s car. Whose is this? – This is Mrs. Green’s

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What Do You Have? Year 1 – 3

Dear kids, let's learn to speak about things you have. If you want to say what toys you have, start your sentences with I have ... . Use I have describing your appearance as well

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This is / These are Year 1 – 3

Learn to use This is a ... / These are ... . Let's learn to name things around us. If you want to name one thing, begin your sentence with This is a ... .

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Our world is so colorful. Let's learn the colors! colour / color - колір red - червоний black - чорний white - білий yellow - жовтий grey / gray - сірий green - зелений blue -  голубий, синій dark blue / indigo

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