How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Learn how to write an argumentative essay If you don't know how to write an argumentative essay, here you will find some tips. An argumentative or for & against essay is a type of a

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Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages

Writing Write an argumentative essay Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages Like all new high-technology devices, mobile phones have generated a large number of disscusions and arguments. Opponents claim our privacy has been seriously invaded, whereas

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Advice Letters Samples

Develop your writing skills Revise useful phrases to be able to write your own letter of advice: Letters Asking and Giving Advice Writing Advice Letters Here you will find advice letters samples. Sample 1 Your

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Letters Asking and Giving Advice

Have practice in writing letters of advice Advice is a recommendation, guidance, an opinion, a proposition, a suggestion or the wise words. Letters asking and giving advice can be: formal - sent to an official person;

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Writing Advice Letters

Let's have practice in writing advice letters These expressions to advise may be useful in writing advice letters. I strongly recommend that ... I believe the best course of an action is ... If I

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Letter of Complaint: Dissatisfaction with the Treatment in the Shop

Have practice in writing a formal letter. Write the letter of complaint: dissatisfaction with the treatment in the shop Your Christmas shopping ended up as a complete disaster. The sales staff in Ramsgate Computer World

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Informal Letter My Stay in the USA

Writing Have practice in writing an informal letter My Stay in the USA  You are a teacher of English takin a course in American Studies in Boulder, Colorado. You have decided to write a letter

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Semi-formal Letter Visit to Newcastle

Writing a Semi-formal Letter You are writing a book about the English way of life and customs. You have recently returned from England where you spent two weeks collecting materials and data regarding your book. Write

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