Giving Advice

Writing the Letter of Advice Let's revise how to write an informal letter giving advice to your friend. Exam in Mind level B1/B2 Imagine that a friend of yours sent you a letter asking for

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Birthday Gift

Writing an Informal Letter You have received a surprise birthday gift from an English friend who lives in another town. Write an email to your friend in which you: thank him/her for the gift say

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Celebrities Influence

Are Celebrities a Bad Influence? Celebrities influence people. They have a significant influence on people's lifestyles, choices, behaviour. Celebrities often set fashion trends, and people tend to copy their clothing style, accessories, and makeup. Celebrities

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Favourite Sport

Writing: Favourite Sport An  English-speaking friend who lives in Ukraine has decided to take up your favourite sport (soccer, judo, cycling, paintball, etc.). Write a letter to your friend. In your letter: explain the rules/techniques

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Future Plans

Writing About Future Plans Write an essay about your future plans. In your text: write what you are going to do after leaving school; write about what your ambitions are; describe your vision of your

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Extended Family Living

Writing an Argumentative Essay Write an argumentative essay for and against extended family living. A typical extended family consists of three generations living together under one roof, in the same household. The best way of extended family

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Interstellar Write about your favourite film. Hello everyone, today I want to write about the best film in my opinion. Interstellar looks like it was made in the 80s, because it is an uncharacteristically slow

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Bear Grylls

Writing Biography Hi, there! I'm Irynka and I'm learning how to write a person's biography. I want to tell about Bear Grylls. Level A2/B1 Bear Grylls is a British adventurer, writer, television presenter and businessman. His

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