English Olympiad Year 9 Writing Test

English Olympiad Do English Olympiad Year 9 Writing Test. These twenty situations for writing will help you improve your writing skills and prepare for English Olympiad and an exam. Writing Comprehension for 9th Year Students

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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Book Review Tell about the last book you've read, will you? Hi, I'm Dasha. I’m not keen on reading and I prefer watching films to reading. But the last book I’ve read has made a

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Letter from the Activity Camp

Writing an Informal Letter Exam in Mind Imagine you are spending a holiday at an activity camp. Write a letter to your friend and tell: what you are doing there which of the activities you

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Life in Future

Writing Exam in Mind Imagine that your school magazine has asked its readers to submit articles entitled "What Kind of Life Can a Child Born in the Year 2050 Expect?" Write an article (150 -

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Pros and Cons of Social Networking

Have Practice in Writing Write a for-and-against essay about pros and cons of social networking. state the topic in your introduction define points for social networking define points against social networking sum up the advantages

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Reading Preferences

Writing Informal Letter: Write a letter to your friend about your reading preferences Dear Sam, It is sad to hear about your parents’ influence on your reading preferences. If they like classical authors, it does

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Letter of Application

Letter of Application Have practice in writing a formal letter Write a letter of application for the position of English teacher. March 30, 2020 Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to apply for the

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Mykulychyn My Favourite Place in Ukraine

Develop your writing skills A website, wants to make a map of the world showing everyone’s favourite places. They want people of all ages to write about places they like in the country in

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