Describing Visual Information

How to Describe Visual Information Let's learn how to describe different kinds of visual information.  Your written work on describing visual information must have the following: Introduction Basic/ General Trends Details Description Summary (optional) Vocabulary

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Mr Queen

Film Review Mr Queen Hello! My name is Liliya, and I’d like to tell you about my favourite film. I've recently got interested in watching doramas. I found my favorite and it is Mr Queen.

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Fim Review: Mavka Hi, I'm Nastia. I'd like to share with you my impressions of the last film I've seen. It is Mavka, a Ukrainian computer-animated fantasy comedy-drama cartoon based on the play The Forest Song by

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The Ring

Film Review: The Ring Write a review of a film you've recently watched. Hi there! I'm Vlad and the film which I'm going to write about is The Ring. The Ring is a 2002 American film

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Family Rest

Have Practice in Writing Write about your family rest last year. Give some information about: where you went and what you did; who you went with; what you liked/disliked most; whether you want to go there

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English-Speaking Club

Practice in Writing There is a teacher from the USA in your school. He is going to organize an English-speaking club for students and asked you to write a note. Include the following information: who

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Letter of Complaint

Writing a Formal Letter: Letter of Complaint Imagine that you visited La Monte restaurant last Friday, but you weren't pleased with the service, the quality of food or the prices. Write a letter of complaint.

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Letter of Application for a Job

Writing a Formal Letter: Letter of Application for a Job Write a letter of application for a job. Be sure to mention: what position you are applying for; educational qualifications; any training programmes or additional

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