16 07, 2022

Travel to Explore the World

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Travelling Broadens Your Mind Why do people travel? People travel to explore the world and fill their life with stories to tell. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Travelling opens our hearts and gives us experience. Year 6 Level A2 Travel is never a matter of money but of courage. Paulo

3 07, 2022

Infinitive or -ing Form

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What to use: infinitive or -ing form? Do you know when should we use infinitive or -ing form? Let's learn the verbs after which use to-infinitive and the verbs which must be used with -ing form (Gerund). Level A2 To-Infinitive We use to + the infinitive form of the verb after the verbs: want - хотіти

16 10, 2021

Back to School

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Welcome Back to School! Back to school means that it's time to work again. Good luck! Year 6 Back to School Words to Remember interactive whiteboard - інтерактивна дошка There is an interactive whiteboard in our English classroom. be fitted - бути встановленим, обладнаним All rooms are fitted with projectors and computers, and three of the

26 04, 2019

Reading and Writing Test 3 Year 6

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Test 3 For students of the sixth grade: do Reading and Writing Test 3 Year 6 to develop your reading and writing skills. Reading It was Friday and Tony had a very special reason for not attending school. On last Friday of every month, his Maths teacher Mr. Randal takes a test for his students. If

15 12, 2018

Subjects We Study

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Subjects We Study in Year 6 Level A2 Word List Subjects We Study compulsory - обов'язковий All subjects we study are compulsory. Is English a compulsory subject? Secondary education is compulsory in Ukraine. add - додавати Shall I add your name to the list? Add twenty and forty. addition - додавання She's ready to learn simple addition. In addition to his flat in London, he has

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