13 04, 2021

My Bird

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Can you draw and describe your bird? Level A1 Year 3 I like drawing and I'm crazy about learning English. This is my drawing and I'm going to describe my bird in English. This is my bird. It is a parrot. It's got a beak, a tail, and two wings. Its beak is not big

24 03, 2021


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Ladybug, My Favourite Cartoon Character Tell about your favourite cartoon character, will you? Year 3 Level A1 Elementary Hi, I'm Karina. I'm eight. I like watching cartoons. I'd like to tell you about my favourite cartoon character. It is a girl. Her name is Marinette. She lives in the city of Paris with her family. Marinette

3 09, 2020

Grammar Test Year 3

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Grammar Time To do this grammar test Year 3 well, you should at first revise Present Simple and Present Continuous. Grammar Test Year 3 Part 1 Choose the right form. 1.The book … interesting. am are is 2. What … the weather like today? am are is 3. We … home at 12 o’clock every

11 09, 2018

Children and Their Hobbies

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Children and Their Hobbies Year 3 Learn the words to speak about yourself and your friends. Miss - міс, панна (вживається перед прізвищем або ім’ям дівчини і незаміжньої жінки) Miss Brown lives in London. Meet Miss Eliza. Mrs (Mistress) [misiz] - місіз, пані (вживається перед прізвищем або ім’ям заміжньої жінки) Mrs Brown is from England. Mr (Mister)

15 08, 2017

Seasons Months

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Let's learn the names of the seasons and months of the year! Seasons Months of the Year    Vocabulary List season - пора року winter - зима spring - весна summer - літо autumn - осінь year - рік leap year - високосний рік month - місяць January - січень February - лютий March - березень April - квітень May - травень June - червень July - липень August - серпень

9 04, 2017

Easter in Britain and Ukraine

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Easter Elementary School Speaking Learn the words to speak about the celebration of Easter in  Britain and Ukraine. Easter - Великдень hot cross bun - гаряча булочка з хрестом Christ - Христос church - церква people - люди No wonder - Не дивно bunny - кролик great - великий give thanks to Christ - дякувати Христові celebrate - святкувати penny - пенні, пенс bring - приносити made

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