7 07, 2022

Tell the Time

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Telling the Time If you have a problem how to tell the time in English, let's learn how to do it. Level A1 Let's learn how to tell the time. Look at the clock and tell me the time. - Подивись на годинник і скажи, котра година. What’s the time? What time is it? -

13 04, 2021

My Bird

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Can you draw and describe your bird? Level A1 Year 3 I like drawing and I'm crazy about learning English. This is my drawing and I'm going to describe my bird in English. This is my bird. It is a parrot. It's got a beak, a tail, and two wings. Its beak is not big

24 03, 2021


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Ladybug, My Favourite Cartoon Character Tell about your favourite cartoon character, will you? Year 3 Level A1 Elementary Hi, I'm Karina. I'm eight. I like watching cartoons. I'd like to tell you about my favourite cartoon character. It is a girl. Her name is Marinette. She lives in the city of Paris with her family. Marinette

3 09, 2020

Grammar Test Year 3

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Grammar Time To do this grammar test Year 3 well, you should at first revise Present Simple and Present Continuous. Grammar Test Year 3 Part 1 Choose the right form. 1.The book … interesting. am are is 2. What … the weather like today? am are is 3. We … home at 12 o’clock every

11 09, 2018

Children and Their Hobbies

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Children and Their Hobbies Year 3 Learn the words to speak about yourself and your friends. Miss - міс, панна (вживається перед прізвищем або ім’ям дівчини і незаміжньої жінки) Miss Brown lives in London. Meet Miss Eliza. Mrs (Mistress) [misiz] - місіз, пані (вживається перед прізвищем або ім’ям заміжньої жінки) Mrs Brown is from England. Mr (Mister)

15 08, 2017

Seasons Months

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Let's learn the names of the seasons and months of the year! Seasons Months of the Year    Vocabulary List season - пора року winter - зима spring - весна summer - літо autumn - осінь year - рік leap year - високосний рік month - місяць January - січень February - лютий March - березень April - квітень May - травень June - червень July - липень August - серпень

9 04, 2017

Easter in Britain and Ukraine

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Easter Elementary School Speaking Learn the words to speak about the celebration of Easter in  Britain and Ukraine. Easter - Великдень hot cross bun - гаряча булочка з хрестом Christ - Христос church - церква people - люди No wonder - Не дивно bunny - кролик great - великий give thanks to Christ - дякувати Христові celebrate - святкувати penny - пенні, пенс bring - приносити made

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