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24 06, 2019

My Dog Jessie

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Can you write a letter to your friend in English? Write about your pet. Hello Uliana! I want to tell you about my pet, my dog Jessie. She is two years old. She is a funny Yorkshire terrier. She is not very big with silver fur. The hair on her legs is golden. Her eyes

6 01, 2019

New Year’s Day and Winter Holidays

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Year 2 Let's learn to speak about New Year's Day and winter holidays. Vocabulary fir-tree - ялина pine-tree - сосна We decorate fir-trees and pine-trees for Christmas and New Year. lights - вогні There are many little lights on the Christmas Tree. poem - вірш We learn poems. recite a poem - декламувати вірш Children recite poems

23 10, 2018

What Do You Have? Year 1 – 3

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Dear kids, let's learn to speak about things you have. If you want to say what toys you have, start your sentences with I have ... . Use I have describing your appearance as well as the rooms you have in your flat or house. Learn short words on, in, under, between to tell where

23 10, 2018

This is / These are Year 1 – 3

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Learn to use This is a ... / These are ... . Let's learn to name things around us. If you want to name one thing, begin your sentence with This is a ... . If you would like to speak about two or more things, use These are ... Speaking about a boy, add

10 10, 2018

There is / There are

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For the students of Elementary School Let's learn to use 'There is / There are'. Зворот there is / there are повідомляє про наявність у визначеному місці особи чи предмета, ще не відомих співрозмовнику. Зворот there is / there are має значення "є", "знаходиться". Стверджувальні речення There is milk in the cup. There is an

26 09, 2018


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Elephants are very big animals. They are fat. They are grey. They have four long legs. They have big mouths and big ears. They have long   tails. They have little eyes and a long trunk. They have two long tusks. They eat leaves, plants, grains and fruit. They like to swim and dive into the water. Elephants love water.

10 06, 2018


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Can you tell about crocodiles? CrocodiIes are big animaIs. They have four short legs. They are long and green. They have IittIe ears. They have long taiIs. They have big mouths. They have big teeth and big  eyes. They live in the river. They can waIk,  swim and  dive. They can see and hear  in

19 05, 2018

My Pets Year 2

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I  have got some pets: a cat, a dog, a hamster and some fish.   Our cat is the Sphynx. His name is Briz. He is hairless but he is very warm. My cat loves eating fish and milk. He has got blue eyes. He has got bluish skin. Briz is lovely. Our dog's name is Betty. It is a

17 05, 2018

I Can Run Year 2

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Learn the words to say what you, your friends and animals can do. can – могти cannot, can’t – не могти hop – стрибати, скакати fly – літати walk – ходити, гуляти Read He can swim. He is a boy. It can swim. It is a hippo. It cannot swim. It is a lion. She

5 05, 2018

It is a nice day! Seasons. Weather Year 2

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Learn the words to speak about the weather and seasons. It is sunny. - Сонячно. It is hot. - Жарко. It is windy. - Вітряно. It is cold. - Холодно. go out - виходити go home - йти додому today - сьогодні of course - звичайно dear - дорогий rain - дощ It is raining. - Йде дощ. It is snowing. - Йде сніг. watch TV - дивитись