15 01, 2019

Informal Letter: Impressions of Reading an English Book

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Have Practice in Writing an Informal Letter Write a letter to your friend about the impressions of reading an English book. Write who the author of this book was what the name of this book was whether the book had any illustrations why you liked this book. Dear Max, I'm sorry I haven't written you

24 04, 2017

Globe Theatre

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Have You Ever Heard about the Globe? The Globe Theatre is, perhaps, the most famous theatre in the world. Most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed in the Globe Theatre, built on the bank of the River Thames. Shakespeare’s Globe was rather different from modern theatres. The plays were performed in the open air and the

24 04, 2017

William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare, the Greatest Dramatist of All Time William Shakespeare is the most widely read of all authors and the popularity of the works of Shakespeare, in English speaking countries, is second only to the Bible.  Read and speak about William Shakespeare William Shakespeare is one of the world’s greatest writers. He was born on

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