29 07, 2021

Getting About Town

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Getting About Town To speak about your getting about town or city, revise the names of places in a town Year 5 Level A1 / A1+ Word List Getting About Town get about town - пересуватися містом crossroads (used with a singular or plural verb) - перехрестя A crossroads is a place where one road crosses

9 11, 2020

English Olympiad Year 9 Reading Test 5

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English Olympiad For those students who are keen on learning English and would like to check themselves doing English Olympiad Year 9 Reading Test 4 Reading Comprehension Test for Year 9 Students Look at the sentences below about the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Read the text to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If

26 05, 2020

Shevchenko Street

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Tell about your street Elementary School Level A1 Hi, I am Nastia. I live in Kaniv, a well known Ukrainian town. Everyone in Ukraine knows my town because it is linked with the name of Taras Shevchenko. I live in Shevchenko Street. There are many blocks of flats and family houses in my street, and I

25 05, 2020

Problems of Public Transport

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Writing Have practice in writing about problems of public transport. Imagine you are preparing a report for a conference concerning problems of public transport in your town. In your text: write about what transport is available in your place; mention the most common problems of it; suggest some possible solutions. I live in Kyiv, the

24 05, 2020

The Street I Live In

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My Street Elementary School Hello, my name is Vlad. Today I'll tell you about the street I live in. It's called Geroiv Nebesnoi Sotni (Heavenly Hundred Heroes Street)  and it is one the central streets in my home town. The street is long and stretches between two central squares of our town: Soborna Square and

3 05, 2020

My Street

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My Street Hi! I live in Kaniv. I live in Geroiv Dnipra Street. My street is rather long and lovely. There are many blocks of flats in my street and I live in one of them. There are nine floors in our house and it looks like a tower. I like my street because it

14 04, 2020

Electrical Appliances at Home

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Speaking: Electrical Appliances at Home What electrical appliances do you have at home? What way do they usually help in your house / flat? Hi, I'm Katia and I'm sure that electrical appliances at home are very important things in our life. We use them every day. There are a lot of such helpers in our family. We

10 04, 2020

Dream House of Mine

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Write about your dream house. If money was not a poblem, what kind of house would you like to have? Write about: type and size of house location outside (garden / garage) inside (rooms / furniture and furnishing / style other (neighbours / attractions in the neighbourhood) If money wasn’t a problem, I’d like to

10 04, 2020

Our Room

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My Room Elementary school Year 4 Describe your room, please. Hi, I’m Nastia and today I’d like to describe my room. My room isn’t big but very comfortable. I share the room with my elder sister. We get on well with her but sometimes we argue. There are two windows in my room so it’s

8 04, 2020

My Own Room

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Describe your room, will you? My Own Room Hi! My name is Liliya . You are welcome to my own room! My room is big. It is light, cozy and bright. When you enter my room you will see a gymnastic wall to the right of the door. I exercise on it every day. To

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