22 01, 2019

Silent Night

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Here is Veronika's Christmas project. This year she prepared "Silent Night" in English.

22 01, 2019

Interesting Facts About Squirrels

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Whould you like to know some funny facts about squirrels? Veronika has found some interesting facts about squirrels. Watch her presentation and it would be great if you leave your comment on her work. You are welcome to add some more facts about these funny animals.

20 12, 2018

Edinburgh Castle

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Would you like to visit Edinburgh Castle? One of the most popular tourist atractions in Scotland is the famous Edinburgh Castle. It attracts one million visitors each year. lt is special because of its unique history and also because it is the best place for sightseeing in the city. King David I built the castle

9 10, 2018

My Pet

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Veronika's has prepared a presentation about her pet. It is a red-eared turtle. Have you heard about such? 

7 06, 2018

My Dream School

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Write about your dream school My dream school will be near the river beach. There will be  lots of trees, a dolphinarium, an aquapark and a wonderful garden. Students will be able to swim in the river at their swimming  classes. The school will be big and modern. It will have big windows and big

15 02, 2018

Chameleons, the Most Interesting Reptiles

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Would you like to know more about chameleons, the most interesing reptiles? Let's do it together! A chameleon is one of the most interesting reptiles on the planet Earth. Basically chameleons live on the island of Madagascar, where there are about 60 species. Chameleons were imported into the United States - states of Florida, California and in Hawaii. They

5 02, 2018

Interesting facts about koalas

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Think of an animal and write about it. Use the ideas to help you: Where does the animal or bird live?   What does it look like?   How big is it? What does the animal do? What does it eat?  Why is this animal interesting? Koalas live in Australia in eucalyptus forests. Koala is also called

16 01, 2018

Silent Night, Holy Night!

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Veronika loves Christmas and knows about Christmas traditions in English-speaking countries. One of the most popular Christmas carols is "Silent Night". You are welcome to listen to the Ukrainian version of this beautiful Christmas song.

8 11, 2017

A letter to a friend

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Write a letter to your friend about a person in your family. Ask your friend questions about his/her family. Make sure that you use and, but and or correctly. Write about 80 - 100 words. Hi Danya, How are you? I hope you are doing well. I’m writing to tell you about my stepsister. Her name

24 10, 2017

My favourite teacher

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Can you say some words about your favourite teacher? I'm in the fifth form this year. I've got lots of different teachers but I love my first teacher the best. She is not the teacher who taught us in elementary school. She is Iryna Illivna, my English teacher. I started learning Enlish when I was five