18 06, 2023

Trip by Train

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Writing an Informal Letter Write about your last journey: a voyage by ship, a journey by plane or a trip by train. Level A2 Hi there! I'm Irynka and here is my letter to a friend about my trip by train to a fantastic city of Lviv. Hi Masha ! How are you I'm sorry

12 06, 2023

Journey to Turkey

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Tell About Your Last Journey Hi there! I'm Artiom and I'd like to tell about my journey to Turkey. I went there with my family three years ago. The travel agency helped us arrange our journey to Turkey, do all the papers and book tickets in advance. My uncle took my family and me to

28 08, 2022

Camp in Bulgaria

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Speaking Time: My Summer Holidays Where were you in summer? How did you spend your summer holidays? Tell about your rest in the camp in Bulgaria. Level A2 Hi, I'm Vlad. My summer holidays were fantstic. I was in the camp in Bulgaria in August. My stay there was absolutely exciting and really interesting. I

5 03, 2018

An email about a visit

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A group of visitors from another country is coming to your school and you are helping to organize the visit. The group is a choir. Write a letter to the other helpers and explain about the plans for the first day.   Hi everybody, As you know our French visitors are coming on Monday by

23 01, 2018

Trip to the Christmas decoration factory in Klavdiyevo

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Yesterday my class and I went to Kyiv. We left school at eleven o’clock. My mother and brother went with my class too. I took my Ipad so I could play some games on the way to Kyiv. It took us three hours to get to the factory of Christmas decorations ‘‘Klavdiyevo”. By the way, it

18 11, 2017

My school trip to Kyiv

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One of the most favourite after school activities are school trips. Tell about yours. A few days ago my class and I went to a trip to Kyiv. My form teacher organized this trip. I was very happy that my friend Ira could join us. On the eve of the trip we downloaded some films

14 11, 2017

Our School Trip

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Hello! I want to tell you about our school trip to Cherkasy. I looked forward to this trip. At first, we went to the TV studio of "Ros" Channel. We saw how they made a TV show “Good morning Cherkashchyna’’. We learned about the work of a cameraman and presenters. Then, one of the presenters showed  us around and

11 06, 2017

My trip to Kyiv

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Will you please tell about your last school trip? Last month my class and I had a trip to Kyiv. My day started not very early. I got up at 8 o’clock. I had breakfast and then I went to the bus station. There was my schoolteacher at the bus and she greeted the coming pupils.

23 04, 2017

My first flight

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I think travelling by plane is very exciting. I travelled by plane four times. I' d like to tell you about my travelling to Montenegro. It was my first fight. I travelled with my family. We got to the airport by car. When we arrived there we put our luggage on a cart and went

23 04, 2017

My trip by train

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Have you ever travelled by train? Did you enjoy your trip? Last year my class and I travelled by train to Lviv. Our teacher booked the tickets in advance. On the eve of our departure we packed our luggage. When the day of our departure came we went to the railway station by bus. We

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