20 08, 2022

Media Habits

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What Are Your Media Habits? Let's talk about your media habits. Level A2 What is Mass Media? media - (singular: medium) засоби масової інформації (ЗМІ) Mass media play an important role in everyday life. Mass media give us information entertain us are the means of communication, the way we get in touch with other people

12 04, 2021


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Do You Watch TV? Television, also called TV or telly, is one of the most important means of communication, a mass medium for advertising, entertainment, news and sports. It brings moving pictures and sounds from around the world into millions of homes. The term 'television' can refer to a TV set, a TV show or

11 01, 2021

People Who Make Television Shows

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It really takes a crowd to make a TV programme! Level B1/B2 Enrich your vocabulary and speak about the members of a television crew. What does it take to make a top programme on TV? Lots of imagination, lots of energy and lots of people. Who are these people who make television shows and a

27 05, 2019

Watching Television

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Writing a discursive essay Watching television is not a waste of time Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to come home one day and find no television in your living room? I certainly can't imagine this. In my opinion television has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. It has

16 04, 2018

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, a Famous TV Personality

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Volodymyr Zelenskiy is an actor, as well as a creator and an art-director of “Kvartal 95”. He is the leader of the studio “Kvartal 95”, he is the team’s art-director, ideas inspirator, the core and the engine of the team. He is a universal actor and author. For the last decade Volodymyr Zelenskiy has been

16 04, 2018

Volodymyr Zelenskyi, a popular presenter

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Speak about a TV personality who you like. Include: His / Her name What he / she usually do (present, tell jokes, dance, etc.) What other projects he / she has been involved in Why you like him / her Volodymyr Zelenskyi is one of the best-known faces on television and the host of many

29 03, 2018

Role of Television

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Television, the Source of Information and Entertainment What do you think of the role of television in our lives? TV is an important way we get information and stay connected in our lives. Nowadays, media is a big part of how we live. It's supposed to tell us things, teach us, and entertain us. TV acts

29 03, 2018

Heads and Tails, My Favourite TV Programme

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Do you like watching TV? What is your favourite TV programme? I like traveling, it is one of my favourite activities. I'm not crazy about watching TV but I sometimes watch it. My favorite TV programme is Heads and Tails. These travel series were launched in 2010. This programme is a travelling adventure. It has

31 01, 2018

Argumentative essay Television

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Let's write an argumentative essay Write an argumentative essay for or against the following statement: Television plays a very important part in our life. Television plays a very important part in our life. But is it really so important? There are some arguments both for and against. One positive aspect of television is the fact that

11 06, 2017

My favourite presenter

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Who is your favourite presenter? My favourite presenter is Sergei Prytula.   Sergei Prytula is a Ukrainian TV presenter, actor, author and co-producer of the folk sketch show “Faina  Yukraina”. He was also an actor in the show “Faina Yukraina”. Sergei Prytula is the host of the morning show  “Pidyom” and the talent-show “Ukraine Does not

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