17 03, 2019

Legends and Symbols of Ireland

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Ireland Ireland has two main parts: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The north, also known as Ulster, is part of the United Kingdom (so its currency is the pound) and its capital is Belfast. However, the republic (or Eire) is independent, and its capital is Dublin. Therefore, its currency is not the pound,

15 03, 2017

Patrick’s Pot Legend

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Read Patrick's Pot Legend and do other interesting activities. Make sure you understand the words and word combinations in bold. Explain them in your own words. There is an old Irish legend about the custom of drinking alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day. Once St. Patrick was traveling across the country. When he got tired, he

15 03, 2017

The Story of Patrick’s Life

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Read the story of Patrick's Life Religion has always been important in Ireland. Almost all the churches in the country are Roman Catholic. St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland and gave the Roman Catholic faith to the Irish. Although Patrick was born in Wales, the Irish honour him as their patron saint. Patrick was born