6 01, 2019

Hogmanay  and  First  Footing

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Read about Hogmanay  and  First  Footing to learn Scottish traditions. Lang may yer lum reek! May you live long and well! At midnight on 31st December throughout Great Britain people celebrate the coming of the New Year, by holding hands in a large circle and singing a song: Should old acquaintance be forgot, And never

4 01, 2019

Interesting Facts about Hogmanay

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What is Hogmanay? For most of the world December 31 is New Year’s Eve, but in Scotland it’s something much more important: Hogmanay. Hogmanay is a very big deal in Scotland. It’s the biggest day in the festive calendar, a celebration that makes Christmas Day seem very small indeed – and it’s like nothing else

4 01, 2019

Interesting Facts about New Year Celebration in Scotland

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Here are some interesting facts about New Year's Eve in Scotland. The celebration of New Year's Eve is one of the oldest rites known to man. Even in primitive, ancient societies some sort of New Year ritual was celebrated, and the celebrtions were surprisingly similar to our own - composed of about equal parts noise,

20 12, 2018

Edinburgh Castle

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Would you like to visit Edinburgh Castle? One of the most popular tourist atractions in Scotland is the famous Edinburgh Castle. It attracts one million visitors each year. lt is special because of its unique history and also because it is the best place for sightseeing in the city. King David I built the castle

19 12, 2018

The Edinburgh International Festival of Music and Drama

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What do you know about Edinburgh Festival? Hi, I'm Bogdan. I was asked what city of Scotland the famous annual Festival of Music and Drama is held in. Sad to say but I didn't know the answer. I found this information and would like to share with you. The Edinburgh International Festival is an annual festival of

14 12, 2018

Scotland in Brief

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What do you know about Scotland? Hi, I'm Diana and I'd like to speak about Scotland in brief. Scotland is the most northern part of the island of Great Britain. It is not densely populated: its population is a little over 5 million people. Scottish people are called Scots. The Cheviot Hills mark the boundary between England

30 11, 2018


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Read to Know About Scotland Geography Although Scotland takes up one third of the territory of the British Isles, its population is not very big. It is the most northern part of the island of Great Britain and is not far away from the Arctic Circle. That's why it is not densely populated: its population

13 02, 2018


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Read the text about Scotland and do the tasks. Level A1+ One of the most fascinating places in the world is Scotland. The first people arrived in this beautiful part of the British Isles 8,000 years ago. The Highlands are one of the most popular places to visit in Scotland. They’re home to Britain’s highest

26 01, 2018

Robert Burns

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Robert Burns is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland. Burns Night is annually celebrated in Scotland on or around January 25. It commemorates the life of the bard (poet) Robert Burns, who was born on January 25, 1759. The day also celebrates Burns' contribution to Scottish culture. Robert Burns (1759

26 11, 2017

St. Andrew’s Day

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November 30, a Special Day for Scots November 30 is a special day fo Scots all around the world because they celebrate St. Andrew's Day. St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. You're welcome to learn more about customs and traditions of celebrating this day.   St. Andrew's Day St. Andrew is the Patron