30 11, 2019

American Pen-friend E-mail about School Lessons

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Writing Practice You've got American pen-friend e-mail about school lessons. Read and write back. Hi Oksana, Thanks for your letter. It was very interesting to read about your school. In the USA we don't have as many subjects as you do. Of course, we study English a lot. We read stories and books, watch videos, listen

25 11, 2019

Internet in Education

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet in Education In this digital age, every school can access the Internet. The Internet is one of the most powerful educational tools which is always ready for use. Within seconds you can learn about new civilizations, travel to the past or the future, see fantastic pictures of nature, cities

28 02, 2019

‘Luck’ by Mark Twain, Adapted Part

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Read an adapted part of the story "Luck" written by Mark Twain Level A2 ''Luck'' is a short story written by Mark Twain in 1886 and published in Harper's Magazine in 1891. As you might guess, it's all about luck. 'Luck' by Mark Twain, adapted part About forty years ago, I was an instructor in the military academy

21 02, 2019

What Makes a Good Teacher?

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There’s no doubt about it: teaching is hard work. What makes a good teacher? Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. — William Butler Yeats One of the first characteristics of a good teacher is a keen interest in his / her subject and a passion for continuous

5 02, 2019

School Report for Myself

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Writing Your school and an English school are going to have a student exchange scheme. The English school would like you to write a school report for yourself so that they can find out all about you. Your report should include the following points: Give personal details (name, age, form / class, etc.). Descibe your

17 01, 2019

Stationery Vocabulary

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Stationery is essential for a school and for an office. This presentation will help you learn the necessary vocabulary.

8 01, 2019

Should Boys and Girls Attend Separate or Coed Schools?

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Do you think that boys and girls should attend separate schools? What are advantages and disadvantages? Education is an important part of children's lives whether they are boys or girls. Governments should guarantee that both genders get the same level of education without any discrimination between boys and girls. Nowadays there are different kinds of

15 12, 2018

The Subjects We Study at School

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What subjects do you study in Year 6? We study many subjects at school, such as Maths, Ukrainian, English, Ukrainian Literature, World Literature, History, Geography, Biology, IT, PE, Art, Music and some others. All the subjects are compulsory. In Maths we do with numbers. We do all sorts of mathematical calculations. We add numbers (ten

9 12, 2018

My Teacher of Ukrainian

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Who is your favourite teacher? My favourite teacher teaches us Ukrainian and Ukrainian literature. She is patient, caring and kind. She is very intelligent and has gift for teaching.  I appreciate her dedication to teaching and ability to develop relationships with her students. At the same time she is strict, so lazy pupils don’t like

9 12, 2018

Bullying at School

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School bullying occurs everywhere in this world. What is bullying? Bullying is acting in ways that scare or harm another person. Kids who bully usually pick on someone who is weaker or more alone, and they repeat the actions over and over. Bullying starts in elementary school and becomes most common in middle school. By