26 11, 2017

My trip to Kyiv

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Last week I went to Kyiv with my friend`s class. First, we got up at six o`clock. It's too early. We had breakfast and got dressed. Then we went to school where the bus waited for us. On the way to Kyiv we watched films on my friend's Ipad and listened to music. We watched

18 11, 2017

My school trip to Kyiv

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One of the most favourite after school activities are school trips. Tell about yours. A few days ago my class and I went to a trip to Kyiv. My form teacher organized this trip. I was very happy that my friend Ira could join us. On the eve of the trip we downloaded some films

14 11, 2017

Our School Trip

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Hello! I want to tell you about our school trip to Cherkasy. I looked forward to this trip. At first, we went to the TV studio of "Ros" Channel. We saw how they made a TV show “Good morning Cherkashchyna’’. We learned about the work of a cameraman and presenters. Then, one of the presenters showed  us around and

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