6 02, 2019

Learn About New Zealand

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Do these activities to learn more about New Zealand, an amazing English-speaking country. Insert the following words denoting outdoor activities into the corresponding situations: skiing, tramping, surfing, rock climbing, fishing, mountaneering ______________, or bushwalking as it is often called, is the best way of coming to grips with New Zealand's natural beauty. It gives the

30 11, 2018


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Read to Know About Scotland Geography Although Scotland takes up one third of the territory of the British Isles, its population is not very big. It is the most northern part of the island of Great Britain and is not far away from the Arctic Circle. That's why it is not densely populated: its population

17 05, 2017

The Mother’s Day Quiz

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Do the Mother's Day Quiz Who was the mother of Jesus? What is the traditional Mother’s day flower in the United States? What mother is known for writing fairy tales and nursery rhymes? According to the proverb, what is the mother of invention? What mother would you find in an oyster? Which alcoholic spirit is

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