11 05, 2021

African Forest Elephants

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Endangered Species Hi, I'm Katia. The loss of species and natural spaces is happening all around the world. I'd like to share with you some interesting facts about African forest elephants that are on the level of extinction and need to be protected. Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. But their size has

19 04, 2021

The Addax

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The Addax, the Screwhorn Antelope Hi, I'm Liza. All across the world wildlife is in danger of extinction as a result of human activity. An endangered species is a species that may become extinct in the near future. I'd like to share with you the information about such species. The Addax is a spiral-horned antelope.  The antelope has long,

19 04, 2021

The Vaquita Endangered Species

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Endangered Species Read about the Vaquita Endangered Species Hi, I'm Ruslana. People all over the world are worried about what’s happening to the environment. Many plants and animals are in danger. When a plant or animal is gone forever, we say it is extinct. Endangered species are groups of plants or animals that are in danger of

20 11, 2018

A Short Report about the Protection of Nature

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Writing You are going to take part in the international conference. Write a report about the protection of nature in your country where you will: express the organizing committee your gratitude for the invitation inform about the problems of air, land and water pollution in Ukraine inform about the measures to ensure pure air, oceans

27 04, 2018

Arbor Day

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Arbor Day is celebrated nationally in the USA on the last Friday in April, although some states have their own dates to better coincide with their local climate and the optimal time to plant trees. Quick Facts about Arbor Day Arbor Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrating and caring for trees. On Arbor Day

2 07, 2017

The International Day of the Dnieper River

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Every year, on the first Saturday of July, the International Day of the Dnieper River is celebrated. The first time when the celebration took place was in 2003, when local ecologists turned public attention to environmental issues of the river, which suffers from moderate pollution – like many rivers located in or near big cities.

22 04, 2017

The Message of Chief Seattle

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Chief Seattle lived approximately 1790 to 1866, in the Pacific Northwest region of what is now the United States. He was a respected and peaceful leader of the Suquamish and the Duwamish Indians. In the mid-1850s when the government in Washington, D.C., wanted to buy the lands of his exhausted and defeated people, Chief Seattle delivered

22 04, 2017

We are the children of Nature

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We live in a magic world. The world is full of wonderful things. It is our nature. Nature gives us life. We are the children of nature. Nature is our best and kindest friend. Nature teaches us to be kind and clever, attentive and creative. It teaches us to understand the world around us. We

22 04, 2017

Ways to save the Earth

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British children learn a lot about the Earth at school. They celebrate Earth Day. They get special environmental education. Even though they are children, and they can't do much about pollution or energy waste, there are a lot of ways in which they can help to save the Earth. What can children do to save

22 04, 2017

Think Green

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22 April is Earth Day. Taking care of the Earth is everybody's business. What green activities would you like to take part in? I’d like to take part in such green activities as the collection of waste paper and I’d like to listen to the report about wild flowers. I think it’s important to collect

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