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20 10, 2020

Present Simple Tense Exercises

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Let's do the Present Simple Tense exercises Level A1 Elementary Doing Present Simple Tense exercises you will have good practice. Task 1. Make negative sentences Example: She cooks breakfast. – She doesn’t cook breakfast. I take letters. She thinks about flowers. Mike goes home alone. Lena watches the butterflies. They make noise. I know the words.

18 10, 2020

Present Simple Questions

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Grammar Time Let's revise how to form Present Simple Questions Present Simple Types of Questions Elementary School Level A1 Put Yes/No questions to the sentences.  Dolphins live in the sea. She loves skipping. She knows many chants. He can play chess. They play computer games. I read books in the afternoon. My friend has dancing

8 11, 2019

Fly High 3 Lesson 7

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Let's learn the words of Fly High 3 Lesson 7 She Doesn't Like Meat Revise Present Simple Tense meat - м'ясо She doesn’t like meat. - Вона не любить м’ясо. everyone - кожний; усі excited - схвильований Everyone is excited. - Усі схвильовані. panda - панда China - Китай sweet - солодкий; милий Candies are sweet. - Цукерки солодкі. She’s very sweet.

22 10, 2019

Fly High 3 Lesson 5 Lesson 6

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What about learning Fly High 3 Lessons 5 - 6? Grammar Fly High 3 Lesson 5 Lesson 6: Present Simple Check yourself! Lesson 5 The Postman Comes at Seven. a postman - листоноша morning - ранок every - кожен every day - кожен день, щодня come - приходити Every morning the postman comes at seven. - Кожного ранку листоноша приходить о сьомій. a

19 08, 2017

Present Simple Year 1 Year 2

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Present Simple Year 1 Year 2 Learn to ask and answer the questions: Where do you live? - I live in Kaniv. Do you live in Kyiv? - No, I don't. What do you have? - I have toys. Do you have many friends? -  Yes, I do. What can you see? - I can see

21 03, 2017

Present Simple for Junior Students

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Grammar Time Present Simple for Junior Students Ми використовуємо Present Simple (теперішній простий час) для того, щоб: Сказати про події, що відбуваються постійно: Children go to school. - Діти ходять до школи. I like English. -  Мені подобається англійська. Сказати, як часто ми робимо ті або інші речі: Every Saturday we go to the park. -