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14 11, 2018

Whose Is This? Year 1 Possessive Case

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Let's learn how to say whose these things are. Read Whose is this? – This is Tico’s T-shirt. Whose is this? – This is Mr. Maccaroni’s car. Whose is this? – This is Mrs. Green’s bag. Whose is this? – This is Mr. Wood’s bike. Whose is this? – This is Miss Bell’s hat. Whose

4 09, 2017

Fly High 3 Lesson 14 This is Trumpet’s trumpet

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Fly High 3 Lesson 14  This is Trumpet’s trumpet Learn new vocabulary. It will be great to know the names of some musical instruments in English. Use Possessive case in the sentences of your own. Enjoy practicing! Are you ready? musical instruments They’ve got their musical instruments. trumpet This is his trumpet. drums These are