22 04, 2017

We are the children of Nature

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We live in a magic world. The world is full of wonderful things. It is our nature. Nature gives us life. We are the children of nature. Nature is our best and kindest friend. Nature teaches us to be kind and clever, attentive and creative. It teaches us to understand the world around us. We

17 04, 2017

Keep Our Environment Clean

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What's  Happening? People all over the world are worried about what's happening to the environment.   Air Pollution Until about 150 years ago, the air was pure and clean - perfect for people and animals of the earth to breathe. Then people started building factories. Those factories and many of the things they make, like

7 04, 2017

Protection of Nature

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Writing an Informal Letter Write a letter to your pen friend. Share your opinion about the protection of nature. Write about your school and what you and your classmates do to make the world a better place. Ask about their activities. Dear Tom, How are you? Thanks for your letter where you told me about

7 04, 2017

Coral Reefs

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Coral reefs are amazing places. You can find them in the Pacific and the Indian oceans, in the Caribbean and the Red seas and the Persian Gulf. They cover 0.2% of world’s oceans.   They are located in warm shallow tropical oceans and they are tiny living animals. Coral reefs are very important because they

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