1 11, 2020

About My Friends and Me

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I'd Like to Speak About My Friends and Me Year 5 Level A1+ Word List a diary - щоденник This is my learning diary. My sister has got a diary where she writes about her thoughts and feelings. a boxer - боксер My friend has a dog. It’s a boxer. Brothers Klichko are famous Ukrainian boxers. a

16 09, 2020

My Friends

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Have Practice in Speaking Friends and Friendship Speak about friends and friendship. Have you got many friends? Why do people become friends? What person can be called a close friend? What people could you never be friends with? What do real friends do? Level A2 / B1 Hi, I'm Liza and I am in Year

4 03, 2020

My Friend Ania

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Can you tell about your friend? My Best Friend I have many friends. Ania is my best friend. She is nine. I think she is pretty. She has got shoulder legth straight dark hair. Her face is oval. She’s got beautiful large green eyes and short thick eyelashes. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are dark. Her lips are full. Ania’s got

3 03, 2020

My Friend Yarik

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Tell about your friend, will you? My Best Friend Yarik is my best friend. He is nine. I think he is handsome. He has got short blond hair. His face is oval. He’s got brown eyes and light eyelashes and eyebrows. When he smiles he's got dimples in his cheeks. My friend Yarik is intelligent and he memorises things well. He

26 02, 2020

Speak About Your Friend

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My Friend Elementary School Level A1 Let's learn how to speak about your friend. Answer these questions to describe your friend What’s your friend’s name? What does he/ she look like? What’s his/ her hair like? What colour are his / her eyes? Has he / she got a big or a small family? Has he

26 02, 2020

My Best Friend Ilona

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Can you describe your best friend? Speaking Sample My Best Friend Ilona Ilona is my best friend. She is nine. She is pretty. She has got long wavy fair hair. Her face is oval. She’s got beautiful brown eyes and long thick eyelashes. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are light. Her lips are thin. Ilona’s got a

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