22 03, 2019

Roksolana by Pavlo Zahrebelny

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My Favourite Literary Character I am fond of reading and there are many literary characters that I like. Now I'f like to tell about one of them. She is Roksolana by Pavlo Zahrebelny. Some words about the author Pavlo Zahrebelny ( born on August 25, 1924 in Soloshyne village, Poltava region – died on February 3, 2009 in

21 03, 2019

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

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Who is your favourite literary character? Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe is my favourite literary character. Briefly about the Author Daniel Defoe  (c. 1660 – 24 April 1731), born Daniel Foe, was an English trader, writer, journalist, pamphleteer and spy. He is most famous for his novel Robinson Crusoe, which is second only to the Bible in its

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