21 11, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Day

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Learn American Traditions Elementary school Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving Day is a special day in the USA. It is an important holiday in America. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November. They give thanks for many good things in their lives. This is a family holiday. Families get together and have a big

20 11, 2019

Learning English Is Important

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Why it's important to learn English Learning English is important, isn't it? Remember the words bridge - міст communicate - спілкуватися communication - спілкування find (found, found) - знаходити useful - корисний helpful - готовий допомогти practise English - практикуватися в англійській мові work hard - наполегливо працювати exchange - обмінюватися international - міжнародний improve your English - покращувати своє знання англійської мови satellite

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