31 05, 2023

Last Journey

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Writing Time Write an email to your friend about your last journey. Hello there! I'm Sofia and here is my email to a friend about my last journey. Hi Ira, How are you? I'm sorry it took me so long to write. My trip to the Carpathians was great! I travelled there with my family

31 05, 2023

Many Much A Lot Of

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Grammar Time: Many Much A Lot Of Let's learn how to use quantifiers many much a lot of. We use MUCH with uncountable nouns. It's often used in negative and interrogative sentences, but it can also be used in the affirmative: There isn't much lemonade in the jar. How much money do we have? Play as

26 05, 2023


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Writing What can you write about your hometown? Write about the place you live in. Give some information about: its location on the map of Ukraine its nature and attractive places why you are proud of living there what you would like to change to make it look better. I'm Vlad. My hometown is Kaniv, a

22 05, 2023

London Zoo

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Visit London Zoo Read about the London Zoo, the oldest scientific zoo in the world. The London Zoo, located in Regent's Park, is one of the oldest zoos in the world.  It was previously known as ZSL London Zoo or London Zoological Gardens. Established in 1828, it covers an area of 36 acres and is

21 05, 2023

Green Anaconda

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The Biggest Snake in the World Hi there! I'm Artiom. I'm interested in nature and I love animals. Have you heard about green anaconda? I've found some absolutely amazing facts about these snakes. Level A2/B1 The Green Anaconda is the biggest snake in the world. Its scientific name, eunectes murinus, means "good swimmer" in Latin.

19 05, 2023

Do Judo

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Martial Art: Judo I'm Vlad and I'd like to tell about sport in my life. I'm a sporty person and it means that sport is important in my life. I have been practicing judo for over nine years. My mum brought me to the judo club when I was four years old. Currently I hold an

19 05, 2023

Houses of Parliament

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Writing The top sightseeing places in London are Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, London Eye, British Museum. Imagine that you have been to London during your holidays. You had a chance to visit many interesting places. Choose one and write about this place. Give some information about: its location; its

14 05, 2023

Three Hairs of A Lion

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Time for Reading Read an African folk tale "Three Hairs of a Lion" which teaches us about the importance of patience and determination to overcome problems in life. It's a good story to read on Mother's Day. God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. Rudyard Kipling Level A2/B1 Three Hairs of A Lion 

9 05, 2023


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Grammar Time: Quantifiers A quantifier is a word or phrase which is used before a noun to indicate the amount or quantity.'Some', 'many', 'a lot of', 'a little' and 'a few' are examples of quantifiers. Quantifiers can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns. Examples of Quantifiers With Uncountable Nouns much There is much butter

5 05, 2023

Popular British Sports

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What Sports Are Popular in the United Kingdom? Do you know what are popular British sports? The United Kingdom is a country that is passionate about sports. There are many different sports that are popular in the UK, but some of the most popular ones are football, cricket, rugby, tennis, and athletics. The United Kingdom

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