19 05, 2023

Driving Licence

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Writing a Formal Letter Write a letter of enquiry about obtaining a driving licence. Exam in Mind Level B1/B2 Imagine you want to get a driving licence and you need to write a letter to the driving school manager. In your text: give the reason for your writing ask for detailed information about the course

16 10, 2018

Letter of Enquiry Medical Testers Needed

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Have practice in writing the letter of enquiry. Read the Internet advertisement and then do the task below. Money! Money! Money! Do you need money? Do you want to earn money for no work? It's easy! We need medical testers for a new wonder drug. All you do is drink some secret syrup and we

29 01, 2018

Letter of Enquiry: English summer courses

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You have read the advertisement on the website of a language school in England. The school offers English courses for teenagers in summer. You would like to join the courses. Write the letter of enquiry. Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing in connection with the advertisement that I’ve read on your website. I am

28 01, 2018

The Letter of Enquiry: Summer English course

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  Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing in connection with the advertisement for your English course. I am a fifteen-year-old student from Ukraine. For some time I have been looking for a course in English at a higher level, and that is why I found your course very interesting. I would like to know more

21 01, 2018

A Letter of Enquiry Learn English in a Summer School

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Next year you are going to learn the English language in one of British summer schools. Contact organizers and ask them about the following: price of the course accomodation things you have to take with you activities you will have in the summer school   Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing with regard to

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