10 11, 2020

English Olympiad Year 10 Reading Test 3

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English Olympiad Are you interested in learning English? Check yourself and do English Olympiad Year 10 Reading Test 3 Reading Comprehension Test for Year 10 Students The Verger Glossary: a verger – someone who looks after the church (церковний служитель) Albert Edward Foreman had been a verger at St. Peter’s, a fashionable church in Neville Square, London,

29 10, 2019

Choosing a Career

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Have you chosen your future career? Use these expressions to speak about choosing a career 1.After finishing the eleventh form I'd like... to enter a university (an institute, a college, a vocational school) to choose the profession I feel called to to go straight to work after school to work as a ... to become

23 10, 2019

Career Choice

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Career Choice Isn't Easy Career choice is one of the most important decisions in the life of every person. With hundreds of jobs to choose from, it's never too early to begin thinking about your future career. Changes in the world will affect the jobs available. The idea of 'job for life' has already become

21 10, 2019

Future Career Plans

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What are your future career plans? Get ready to speak about your career choices. These ideas can help you speak about your future career plans. In the future, I may enjoy being a computer programmer because I am keen on trying computer techniques. I am recommended to be a reporter because I like to communicate

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