7 03, 2024

Discussing Seafood

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Talking About Marine Cuisine When discussing seafood, there are several aspects you can cover to provide a comprehensive overview: Mention various types of seafood, such as fish (e.g., salmon, tuna, cod), shellfish (e.g., shrimp, crab, lobster), mollusks (e.g., oysters, mussels, clams), and cephalopods (e.g., squid, octopus). Highlight the nutritional benefits of seafood, such as being

22 01, 2023

Healthy Diet

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Do You Keep to a Healthy Diet? Hi, I'm Vlad. I've read some nutritionist's recommendations as for a healthy diet. A nutritionist is a person who studies nutrition and is an expert in nutrition. Nutrition is the process of obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. I'd like to share with you these pieces

16 03, 2021

Health Is Above Wealth

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. For sure health is above wealth. Let's learn some words to speak about healthy food. Level A1+ Year 5 Word List Health Is Above Wealth health - здоров’я Health is above wealth. - Здоров’я краще багатства. Do you agree that health is above wealth? healthy food - корисна для здоров’я їжа

5 02, 2019

Healthy Food

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Eat Well - Feel Well What do you know about healthy food and unhealthy food? Do you eat healthy food? Level A2 Read the article about healthy food and answer the questions below. It is important to eat food that is good for you. You need seven things in your food. Cabohydrates give you energy.

6 02, 2018

Food for Health

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Food Is Important for Our Health What food is good for our health? Remember the words form the word list "Food for Health" to speak about healthy and unhealthy food. Level A2 Word List Food for Health diet - дієта Diet and exercise are equally important. This diet is full of vitamins. She is on a diet. The best doctors are

5 02, 2018

Balanced Diet

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How does Healthy Eating Affect Our Lives? Healthy eating really does keep the doctor away and it may also help us feel better. A balanced diet along with regular exercise can reduce the risk of illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes and perhaps even depression. The human body needs three essential types of nutrient -

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