27 02, 2019

Cosmetics and Toiletries for Personal Care

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Enrich your vocabulary, learn the names of cosmetics and toiletries for personal care. The presentation will help to have good practice. Every day we use cosmetics and toiletries for personal care. We all want to look our best and this wish is age-old. The reason for the popularity of cosmetics and toiletries is the important physiological,

24 02, 2019

Be Fit, Be in Good Shape

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Do you want to be fit, be in good shape? Vocabulary Be Fit, Be in Good Shape to get fit / to get in shape - приобретать хорошую физическую форму Mary wants to get in shape before the wedding. - Мери хочет приобрести хорошую физическую форму перед свадьбой. workout - тренировка I had a good workout today! - У

18 02, 2019

Speak About Health Service

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What Is Health Service? Read about health service in this country. Health service provides medical treatment and care to people. People need to see a doctor if they have a cough, high temperature, or symptoms of some disease. If you are ill, you should see your local doctor. So you have to make an appointment. As disease

16 10, 2018

Rules of Healthy Lifestyle

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Let's speak about the rules of healthy lifestyle. If we want to live long and happily we should have a healthy lifestyle. It helps us to become fitter, stronger, active, lively and more beautiful. To have a healthy lifestyle we should do the following. The first very important thing is to exercise. It’s necessary to