30 10, 2018

Halloween Fun

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Read about trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples and other fun activities on Halloween. On October 31, dozens of children dressed in costumes knock on their neighbors' doors and yell, "Trick or Treat" when the door opens. Pirates and princesses, ghosts and popular heroes of the day all hold bags open to catch the candy or other

29 10, 2018

Symbols of Halloween

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What Are the Symbols of Halloween? Halloween originated as a celebration connected with evil spirits. Witches flying on broomsticks with black cats, ghosts, goblins and skeletons have all envolved as symbols of Halloween.  They are popular trick-or-treat costumes, and decorations for greeting cards and windows. Black is one of the traditional Halloween colors, probably because

29 10, 2018

Halloween in the USA

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How about learning American customs and traditions? Read and speak about Halloween in the USA. The Beginning of the Holiday of Halloween Hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, the Celts - the inhabitants of France and the British isles - held a festival at the beginning of every winter for the Lord of