16 03, 2018

Wish Sentences: Verb Forms Following Wish

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Wish Sentences We use the past for a present situation after wish. We use wish to say that we regret something, that something is not as we would like it to be. I wish I had an umbrella. A Wish about the Future I wish she would tell me. (She will not tell me.) I wish

15 03, 2018

The Present Perfect Tense

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The past participle  (V3) of regular verbs is formed from the infinitive + -ed The past participle of irregular verbs should be learnt from the list of irregular verbs. Affirmative I have written                 I've written You have written           You've written He has written   

9 02, 2018

Indefinite Pronouns

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    Affirmative sentence Розповідне речення Question Питальне речення Interrogative sentence Заперечне речення people somebody someone everyone anybody anyone not anybody, not anyone nobody, no one things something everything anything not anything nothing places somewhere everywhere anywhere not anywhere nowhere   Exercise 1. Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets. Example: There isn’t anything

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