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5 05, 2018

My Funny Monster

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Draw  a monster and describe him. This is Mike. He’s from planet Koko. He is green. He has got one big eye.   He’s got a red tongue. He has got funny small ears. He has big white teeth. He’s got long arms and legs. He has got long big fingers and claws on his

13 05, 2017

My Monster

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    This is my monster. His name is Flaffi. He is from planet Ziro. He has got two big, yellow horns. He’s got five pink eyes. He’s got a red tongue. He’s got eleven teeth. He’s got two long arms and two short legs. He hasn’t got any ears and hair. His tummy is yellow. I

6 04, 2017

Funny Monster Chucha

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Create your monster and describe him. This is Chucha. He`s from planet Furangos. He`s tall. He`s got a big square green head and a big square red body. He`s got four small yellow eyes, a big nose and a big mouth. His teeth are big too. He`s got four ears. His hair is short and