13 02, 2022

My Friend’s Description

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Writing Time: write a description of your friend How to write My Friend's Description? Write about his/her age, nationality, family, appearance, personality, some positivie things about the person and why this person is important for you. Read the sample. Level A1/A1+ My Friend's Description Hi, I'm Karina  and I can write a short description of a

1 11, 2020

About My Friends and Me

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I'd Like to Speak About My Friends and Me Year 5 Level A1+ Word List a diary - щоденник This is my learning diary. My sister has got a diary where she writes about her thoughts and feelings. a boxer - боксер My friend has a dog. It’s a boxer. Brothers Klichko are famous Ukrainian boxers. a

30 11, 2017

Family and Friends. Traits of character

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Learn the necessary vocabulary to speak about the members of your family and friends.  

23 11, 2017

My friend

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Are you a sociable person? Have you got many friends? Can you tell about your friend, please? I have got a friend. His name is Rostik. His surname is Pustovy. He is 11. He hasn’t got a nickname. He is short and thin. His hair is short and dark. He has got brown eyes. Rostik

8 10, 2017

About my friend and myself

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What kind of person are you? What is your friend like? What are your hobbies and likes? Hello! My name is Elizaveta, or Liza for short. I am 11 years old. I am in the sixth form this year. I think I am kind, serious, talented, creative and attentive but lazy sometimes. My best friend

1 05, 2017

My best friend

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 Hello everyone! I want to tell you about my friend. His name is Dima. He is 11 years old. Dima is quite tall. He has got dark hair and his eyes are brown. Dima’s hobbies are skateboarding and playing computer games. He's crazy about  parkour. He lives in Kaniv and he is Ukrainian. Kaniv is an

20 04, 2017

My best friend

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I have a lot of friends. I like socializing with them. I spend a tremendous amount of time with my friends. But you can have only one best friend. I agree that friendship divides our sorrows and multiplies our joys. A real friend will never let you down. He will help you in trouble and problems.

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