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21 03, 2018

How to speak about our likes and dislikes

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Let’s speak about our likes and dislikes   If you like something you use such words or phrases   like I like taking care of pets. What do you like doing? He likes reading science fiction. She likes music. really like She really likes embroidering. Do you really like learning grammar? love She loves growing

2 03, 2018

Parties for Children

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Do you like parties? Do you often invite guests to your home? What are your favourite parties? What do you do to organize a party?     Parties for Children Children like to make up parties. Theme parties are very popular. Children choose a theme for their party. At the theme parties people usually wear

26 10, 2017

My Hobbies and Interests

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Will you tell about your likes and dislikes? I have got many hobbies and interests. I'm fond of painting and drawing. I love  photography. I am really crazy about dancing, learning English, traveling and playing computer games. I am keen on collecting cards and stickers, gardening, planting flowers, rollerblading and playing chess. I don’t like