16 01, 2020

Some or Any

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Grammar Time: Some or Any Elementary School Year 4 If you aren't sure what to use some or any, let's learn it together. And what is more you'll have a great chance to enrich your vocabulary on the topic "Food" and revise the construction There is / There are. Remember! We use There is some

29 07, 2019

Traffic Light Diet

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What food to eat to stay healthy We can do many wonderful things - climb the mountains, sing songs and ride bikes. Different kinds of food help our body to keep fit and to be strong and healthy. That's why the food we eat must contain all the the things we need, but not too

8 05, 2019

Cheshire Cheese British Oldest Cheese

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Hi! I'm Diana. Making a project about Fleet Street, I read about the Cheshire Cheese tavern popular with journalists and writers and got interested in Cheshire cheese. Brief Facts about Cheshire Cheese British Oldest Cheese Dating back to Roman times, it is Britain's oldest cheese and is mentiones in the Domesday book of 1086. Domesday

16 03, 2019

Food and Drink in Britain

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Let's learn about food and drink in Britain Although Britain is quite a small country, it offers a wide choice of food and drink. Food and drink in Britain is vaious. You can find  traditional food like roast beef or fish and chips as well as Italian, Mexican and West Indian food, and drink beers

20 02, 2019

Speak About Meals

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Elementary School, Year 3. Let's speak about meals. Vocabulary eat - їсти What are you eating? drink - пити She is drinking water. cook - готувати їжу My mum cooks in the kitchen. а cook - кухар What is his dad? He is a cook. He works in a restaurant. May I talk with Bill? - Можна поговорити з Білом?

9 12, 2018

Bakery, Dairy and Confectionery Goods

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Would you like to know the names of bakery goods, dairy products and confectionery in English? Vocabulary List Bakery Goods and Confectionery brown bread -чорний хліб white bread - білий хліб loaf (loaves) - хлібина long loaf, French loaf, baguette - батон round loaf - круглий хліб roll -  булочка flour -  мука yeast -  дріжджі dough - тісто paste - сдобне тісто

7 12, 2018

At a Restaurant. Cooking Meals

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You'll need these phrases at a restaurant and when cooking meals at home. Today we are having a dinner of four courses. Menu, please. Where can I get a quick snack? Where can I get an inexpensive meal? Where can I get a drink of water? I am not ready to order yet. I would

5 12, 2018

My Favourite Salad

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Share the recipe of your favourite dish, will you? Hi, I'm Ruslana and I'd like to share the recipe of my favourite dish with you. It's easy to cook.

5 12, 2018

Roasted Mackerel

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Write the recipe of your favourite dish, will you? I’d like to share the recipe of my favourite dish. It is roast mackerel. When mum cooks it in the oven, it smells so delicious in the kitchen. Ingredients 1 or 2 mackerel different kinds of pepper for seasoning a lemon some salt Instructions Slice the 

4 12, 2018

Fish and Seafood

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Do you like fish and seafood? Learn vocabulary and have practice. fresh fish - свіжа риба salted fish - солона риба smoked fish - копчена риба dried fish - сушена риба herring - оселедець pike - щука perch - окунь mackerel - скумбрія plaice, flatfish - камбала halibut - палтус cod - тріска trout - форель sturgeon - осетр salmon - лосось,