10 03, 2020

My Family

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Speak about your family Level B1 My Family I’m happy to have a friendly family where we understand each other and come to help without any extra word. We are four in our family: my parents, my younger sister and me. My father is a tall, broad-shouldered man of 37. His hair is curly, but

10 03, 2020

About My Family and Myself

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Speak about your family and yourself About My Family and Myself Let me introduce myself. My name is Alex Sidorov. Alex is my first name and Sidorov is my family name. I am 17 years old. I was born on the 25th of May, 1990. My birthplace is the village of Mikhailivka, Kaniv district, Cherkasy

7 03, 2020

My Mum

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Will you please tell about your Mum? Elementary school I'd like to tell about my mother. I love her very much. She is thirty-eight. She is a very pretty young woman. She has got beautiful long straight  fair hair. Her face is oval. She's got beautiful green eyes and long eyelashes. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are dark. Her lips are full. Mum's

13 11, 2019

Teenage Problems in a Family

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Relationship between children and their parents and problems in the family There can be no doubt that relations between people are the most important for any person. Many people consider a family to be such a unit without which a person can’t be protected or happy, confident or safe. A family is the place where

5 02, 2018

I admire my mum

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Our family is big: mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, and my younger brother. I have got many relatives on the sides of my parents: aunts, uncles, cousins. I`d like to tell you some words about the person I admire. This is my mum Liuda. I admire her and would like to resemble her. The first thing

30 11, 2017

Family and Friends. Traits of character

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Learn the necessary vocabulary to speak about the members of your family and friends.  

8 11, 2017

Profile of My Mum

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Write a profile of a member of your family. Describe the person and talk about his/her likes and dislikes. Say why you like this person. Write 80 - 100 words. I want to write a profile of my mum. Her name is Sveta. She is from Ukraine and she is Ukrainian. Her native town is

26 10, 2017

Informal letter My mum Level A1

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Write an email to your friend about one of your relatives. Hi Ania, I hope you're doing fine. I'd like to tell you about my mum. My mum's name is Natasha. She is 37. She likes gardening especially growing flowers. She's fond of crafts like knitting and sewing. We like making projects and growing  flowers

8 10, 2017

Meet my family

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Write about your family I would like to tell you about my family. My family is not big. There are four people in my family: mum, dad, my younger sister and me. My mum is an official. She  has got beautiful long hair and green-grey eyes. Her name is Yulia. My mum is 36 years

29 06, 2017

My family is friendly

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Is your family friendly? In my opinion a friendly family is a family where people love each other and live in harmony, and have different family traditions. My family is friendly. We have different traditions. My favourite ones are celebrating Easter in our country cottage and celebrating Christmas with twelve dishes. But the most favourite tradition