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8 02, 2021

Tell About Your Family

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Would you like to tell about your family? Year 5  Level A1+ To tell about your family revise these "Family" words. Word List mother / mom / mommy / mum / mummy - мати, мама father / dad / daddy - батько, тато parents - батьки sister - сестра brother - брат son - син

15 02, 2018

Easter family tradition Informal Letter

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Write a letter to your pen pal who lives in the USA about taditional celebrations and traditional family holidays in your country. Give some information about: what this holiday / tradition is and when it is celebrated; which of your family members like it the most; what things you usually prepare for this day; ask

19 04, 2017

Traditions in my family

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My name is Maxim. I am thirteen years old. I’m from Ukraine. I live in Kaniv. I would like to share my thoughts about traditions in families. A family is a unit created by love if people help each other, cheer each other up, share secrets, are kind to each other, respect each other. Other

30 05, 2016

Family Traditions

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Family traditions are things members of the family love doing together. Family traditions are: to have dinner together to celebrate birthdays and holidays to prepare presents for each other to go on picnics to organize games, competitions and interesting activities to spend free time together to go for a walk together to play sports to