21 09, 2022

Family Is a Treasure

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Speaking Time: My Family They say that a family is a treasure. Do you agree with this statement? Tell about your family using this plan: Is your family big or small? How many people are there in your family? Describe members of your family (name, age, appearance, job/occupation, hobbies and interests) Do you have family

8 02, 2021

Tell About Your Family

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Would you like to tell about your family? Year 5  Level A1+ To tell about your family revise these "Family" words. Word List mother / mom / mommy / mum / mummy - мати, мама father / dad / daddy - батько, тато parents - батьки sister - сестра brother - брат son - син

15 02, 2018

Easter family tradition Informal Letter

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Write a letter to your pen pal who lives in the USA about taditional celebrations and traditional family holidays in your country. Give some information about: what this holiday / tradition is and when it is celebrated; which of your family members like it the most; what things you usually prepare for this day; ask

19 04, 2017

Traditions in my family

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My name is Maxim. I am thirteen years old. I’m from Ukraine. I live in Kaniv. I would like to share my thoughts about traditions in families. A family is a unit created by love if people help each other, cheer each other up, share secrets, are kind to each other, respect each other. Other

30 05, 2016

Family Traditions

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What Are Your Family Traditions? Level A1+/A2 Read and speak about your family and your family traditions. 1.Family traditions are things members of the family love doing together. 2.You keep family traditions if you: have dinner together celebrate birthdays and holidays prepare presents for each other go on picnics organize games, competitions and interesting activities

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