21 01, 2023

Trip to Brussels

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Visit Brussels Writing: To develop your writing skills describe your last trip. Exam in Mind Level B1/B2 Hi everyone! My name is Liza. I have just returned from a school trip to Belgium and I'd like to share impressions of my trip to Brussels. The city of Brussels is the capital of Belgium. Besides, it

13 06, 2017


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There are 28 countries in the European Union. What country would you like to visit? Find information and make a report about it. Ania have chosen Croatia.  

22 05, 2017

The Netherlands

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  The Netherlands is a small country sandwiched between Belgium a nd Germany in Western Europe. The official name of the country is Kingdom of Netherlands. The Netherlands is also known as Holland. Queen Beatrix is the Queen of the Netherlands. Orange is Holland’s royal color. The country is washed by the North Sea.  The

17 05, 2017

How much do we know Europe?

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We live in Europe. We are integrating into the European Community. But how much do we know Europe?   Europe is the world’s second smallest continent. It covers approximately 2% of the Earth’s surface. In Greek the word “Europe” means: “broad face”. In Greek mythology this was the name of a beautiful girl kidnapped be

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