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19 07, 2021

Reported Dialogues

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Reported Speech: A Dialogue in Narration Let's focus on reported dialogues learn how to report a dialogue in narration. Exam in Mind Level A2/B1 If we report a conversation in narration, we use a reporting verb ('say' and 'tell' are the most common, but there are a lot of other verbs like 'claim', 'admit', 'explain'...).

10 03, 2019

Reported Yes / No Questions

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How to report general (Yes / No) questions We report questions with the help of the verbs to ask, to wonder, to want to know. In reported questions the subject comes before the verb, as in affirmative sentences. The tenses change in reported questions according to the general rules. We don't use the auxiliary verbs

7 02, 2019

Reported Commands, Requests, Suggestons

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Let's learn how to report commands, requests and suggestions. In reported commands, requests and suggestions we use such verbs as: to order, to ask, to tell, to suggest, to beg, to advise, to forbid, to warn, to insist, to promise, to agree, to refuse, to remind, etc. after which according to the construction of the

21 02, 2018

Direct and Reported Speech

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Direct and Reported or Indirect Speech Sequence of Tenses   Sometimes we want to tell somebody what another person said. We call this reported speech. We can report another person's words or our own words. In reported speech we usually need to change the pronoun. We usually change the tense of the verb from the present