21 05, 2018

Types of Arts I Like

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Will you please speak about the role of art in your life. What types of arts do you prefer? The arts, also called fine arts, modes of expression that use skill or imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects,environments, or experiences that can be shared with others. Traditional categories within the arts include literature (poetry, drama, story,

31 01, 2018

An Argumentative essay: Television

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Let's write an argumentative essay Write an argumentative essay for or against the following statement: Television plays a very important part in our life. Television plays a very important part in our life. But is it realy so important? There are some arguments both for and against. One positive aspect of television is the fact that

26 01, 2018

Robert Burns

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Robert Burns is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland. Burns Night is annually celebrated in Scotland on or around January 25. It commemorates the life of the bard (poet) Robert Burns, who was born on January 25, 1759. The day also celebrates Burns' contribution to Scottish culture. Robert Burns (1759

26 04, 2017

X factor, a popular talent show

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Can you tell about any show on Ukrainian TV? X factor is a talent show for singers. It started in Ukraine in 2010. It is the music competition to look for fine new singing talent. It is broadcast on STB channel once a week on Saturday. The hostess of the show is Oxana Marchenko. The

24 04, 2017

William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare is the most widely read of all authors and the popularity of the works of Shakespeare, in English speaking countries, is second only to the Bible. Read and speak about William Shakespeare William Shakespeare is one of the world’s greatest writers. He was born on April 23rd, 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon, a small English

20 04, 2017

My favourite singer

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Tell about your favourite singer MiyaGi or is a popular rapper among teenagers. He is very popular in Russia and Ukraine. He was born on December 13th, 1990 in Russia. His real name is Azamat Kudzaev. His childhood wasn’t very happy because of accidents that happened with him and his brother. His big break came in 2009 when he

13 04, 2017

Semen Hulak-Artemovsky, a famous Ukrainian composer and singer

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  Semen Hulak-Artemovsky, the famous Ukrainian composer and opera singer, was born in Horodyshche, Cherkassy region. He first displayed his talent to music in his childhood. Hulak-Artemovsky studied in Kyiv and sang in church choirs. In 1838 he got acquainted with M. Hlinka who influenced his future life greatly. It was M. Hlinka who helped