27 02, 2019

The Thames, England’s River

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Read and speak about the Thames, the life-blood of England The Thames is not only London’s river. It is England’s river, for it winds its way through two hundred and fifty miles of English villages and towns, of English cities and English country-side. It is a river where swans build their nests, and punters go

26 11, 2018

Native American Additions to English

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Native American languages have greatly contributed to the vocabularies of European languages. Native American Languages Scholars can only guess at the total number of languages once spoken by Native Americans; many of these languages disappeared before they could be documented. When the Europeans arrived on the North American continent in the late 15th century, about

23 11, 2017


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Do you know why the abbreviation of Switzerland is CH? Karina's project will help you find out some interesting facts about this European country.

28 06, 2017


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Bulgaria has become the member of the European Union in 2007. It is known as the Land of Roses. Learn more about this beautiful country. Veronika has been to Bulgaria. She wants to share some interesting facts about this country.

28 06, 2017


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Ukraine borders on Poland. Many Ukrainians work and study in Poland. Would you like to know more about this country?

13 06, 2017


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There are 28 countries in the European Union. What country would you like to visit? Find information and make a report about it. Ania have chosen Croatia.  

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