24 09, 2017

Fly High 3 Lesson 17 Trumpet is stronger

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This lesson will help you know how to compare two animals, two people or two things. So you'll make acquaintance with comparatives. Start with Vocabuary Box and after that have fun practising.   Olympic Games / Olympics Olympic Games are very popular. Олімпійські ігри Олімпійські ігри дуже популярні. team There’s a red team and a

22 03, 2017

Comparatives and Superlatives for Junior Students

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Adjectives are words that describe people, animals or things. Comparatives We use the comparative form of adjectives to compare two people, animals or things. Susie is younger than Kate. Planes are faster than cars. Tigers are stronger than cats. We use than after the comparative. James is taller than his dad. Lions are faster than