14 11, 2023

Attitude to Clothes

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Teenagers' Attitude to Clothes Clothes are important for our identity. Let's discuss some ways in which clothes are important for a person's identity and teenagers' attitude to clothes. Exam in Mind Level A2/Level B1 The Role of Clothes in Shaping Our Identity Clothes play a significant role in shaping our identity, as they are a

1 08, 2023

Clothes I Wear

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What Clothes Do You Wear? Hi! I'm Karinka and I 'd like to tell what clothes I wear and what my attitude to fashion is. Year 5 Level A1+ I think that clothes are important because they protect us from cold and heat, dust and insects and they make us look beautiful. People wear different

26 01, 2022

Clothes and Fashion

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Speaking Time: Clothes and Fashion Let's speak about clothes and fashion. Here you will find samples of answers to the questions. What type of clothes do you like to wear? I prefer casual clothes – simple and comfortable. A pair of jeans and a shirt would be perfect. I am not really the fashionable type. But of course, I

17 06, 2021

Our Clothes

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Our Clothes Are Different There are four seasons in a year. Each of them brings different weather and different clothes. The proverb says, "There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes." Our clothes are for any season and any weather. Level A1+/A2 Our clothes can be: fashionable - модний unfashionable - немодний in fashion - в

10 06, 2021

Clothes We Wear

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The Clothes We Wear Level A1+/A2 Read the text There are different types of clothes we wear and people are the only living beings who wear clothes. Every morning, we choose what clothes we are going to wear for the day. We wear clothes to protect our bodies. There are clothes for any kind of

24 11, 2020

Pros and Cons of Wearing School Uniforms

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School Uniforms There is no right answer to whether students should wear a school uniform or not. In this post you will read about some pros and cons of wearing school uniforms. From the History of School Uniforms The first recorded use of school uniforms was in England in 1222. Students at one school were

21 11, 2018

Time and Money on Fashion

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Writing an essay Your school newspaper is investigating the question: "People spend too much time and money on fashion. Do you agree or disagree?" Write an essay on the topic. I absolutely agree with the statement that people spend too much time and money on fashion. Many people can spend hours doing shopping in shopping

10 05, 2018

We Are Different Year 3

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Learn new vocabulary different - різний business - справа, діло, бізнес man – men - чоловік – чоловіки businessman -  businessmen - бізнесмен – бізнесмени doctor - лікар singer - співак waitress - офіціантка waiter - офіціант teacher - вчитель dancer - танцюрист secretary - секретар driver - водій seller - продавець guess - здогадатися job - робота What’s his job? - Яка у нього робота? What’s her job? - Яка

10 04, 2018

Clothes We Wear

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Learn the words to speak what clothes we wear in summer and in winter, in autumn and in spring. What clothes do you like wearing? You will be able to tell what clothes you usually wear at school and at home, at a party and your PE classes.

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