21 11, 2018

Time and Money on Fashion

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Writing an essay Your school newspaper is investigating the question: "People spend too much time and money on fashion. Do you agree or disagree?" Write an essay on the topic. I absolutely agree with the statement that people spend too much time and money on fashion. Many people can spend hours doing shopping in shopping

10 05, 2018

We Are Different Year 3

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Learn new vocabulary different - різний business - справа, діло, бізнес man – men - чоловік – чоловіки businessman -  businessmen - бізнесмен – бізнесмени doctor - лікар singer - співак waitress - офіціантка waiter - офіціант teacher - вчитель dancer - танцюрист secretary - секретар driver - водій seller - продавець guess - здогадатися job - робота What’s his job? - Яка у нього робота? What’s her job? - Яка

10 04, 2018

Clothes We Wear

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Learn the words to speak what clothes we wear in summer and in winter, in autumn and in spring. What clothes do you like wearing? You will be able to tell what clothes you usually wear at school and at home, at a party and your PE classes.