7 01, 2018

Christmas in Great Britain

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Have practice to speak about one of the greatest holidays in Great Britain. Christmas in Great Britain People in Great Britain celebrate Christmas on the twenty-fifth of December. It is a very happy holiday. Before Christmas the English people are busy. They send greeting cards to their relatives and friends. They buy presents and a

4 12, 2017

Christmas Tree

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 What does Christmas Tree represent? Ancient Customs The use of evergreen trees to celebrate the winter season occurred before the birth of Christ. Evergreens have been symbols of eternal life and rebirth since ancient times. They played a symbolic part because they stayed green and alive when other plants appeared dead and bare. They symbolized

3 12, 2017

Saint Nicholas

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What do you know about St. Nicholas? St. Nicholas was a real person who was born to a wealthy family in Lycia, Asia Minor (now known as Turkey) sometime between 270 and 280 AD. He was orphaned at an early age and grew up in a monastery becoming one of the youngest priests ever at

24 10, 2017

My favourite teacher

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Can you say some words about your favourite teacher? I'm in the fifth form this year. I've got lots of different teachers but I love my first teacher the best. She is not the teacher who taught us in elementary school. She is Iryna Illivna, my English teacher. I started learning Enlish when I was five

13 08, 2017

Honey Spas or the First Savior, Honey Savior Holiday in Ukraine

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One of Ukraine’s religious holidays is celebrated on August 14th (or August 1, Julian Calendar) as Honey Spas, also called the Wet Spas (Mokryi Spas), and the First Savior, Honey Savior or The Savior of the Honey Feast. It is also the holiday Maccabeus, or honey-poppy Spas, Makoviy. Spas in Ukraine means 'savior’, and the

2 08, 2017

Birthday celebrations in the USA

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             In the United States most people celebrate their birthdays on the day of the month they were born. Birthdays are celebrated with family and friends. Invitations are sent for a party.  A birthday cake with candles is served.  The number of candles represents the age of the birthday person. 

7 07, 2017

Ivan Kupala Day

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Kupala Night, also known as Ivan Kupala Day, is a Ukrainian observance annually held on July 7 to celebrate the summer solstice. Many Ukrainians celebrate Kupala Night with bonfires that last throughout the night. Some people leap over the flames as it is believed that the act of jumping over the bonfire cleanses people of illness

13 06, 2017

Flag Day

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June 14 - Flag Day in the USA Americans celebrate Flag Day on June 14. On this day they honor the ideas that their nation's flag stand for - freedom, liberty, and justice for all. On June 14, 1777, the United States adopted its first flag. Today Americans honor the U.S. flag each year on

11 06, 2017

Informal letter A2 Holiday in Northern Ireland

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Write a letter to your friend about your holiday. Dear Tom, I want to tell you about my holiday in Northern Ireland. I was deeply impressed by its beauty. I believe that is the most beautiful part of Britain. I was really lucky, because I witnessed the Irish national holiday Saint Patrick's Day. This amazing

3 06, 2017

The Queen’s Official Birthday

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Learn British Traditions: the Queen's Official Birthday Queen Elizabeth II celebrates two birthdays each year. Her actual birthday is on 21 April and the Queen's official birthday is on the second Saturday in June. Word List was born - народилась Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21st 1926. official - офіційний Queen’s official birthday is in June. midday

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