12 12, 2018

Beginners: Speak About Yourself

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Year 1. Speak about yourself My name is … My family name is … I am … (5, 6). I have blue eyes, blonde hair, small ears, a small nose and a small mouth. I live in Kaniv. My family is not big. I have mother, father, a grandmother and a grandfather. I have no

26 09, 2018


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Our world is so colorful. Let's learn the colors! colour / color - колір red - червоний black - чорний white - білий yellow - жовтий grey / gray - сірий green - зелений blue -  голубий, синій dark blue / indigo - синій pink - рожевий orange - оранжевий purple - фіолетовий, пурпурний violet - фіолетовий, фіалковий brown - коричневий beige - бежевий silver - сріблястий golden - золотий turquoise

21 07, 2018

Pinocchio, My Favourite Cartoon Character

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Tell about your favourite cartoon character. I'd like to tell about Pinocchio because he is one of my favourite cartoon characters. He is a wooden boy. Pinocchio’s dad’s name is Father Karlo. Pinocchio has got short blond hair. He’s got a long nose. When he tells lies, his nose gets bigger. I think he is

17 09, 2017

Fly High 3 Lesson 15 We’ve Got Some Oranges

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Fly High 3  Lesson 15 We’ve Got Some Oranges Word List  Fly High 3 Lesson 15 We’ve Got Some Oranges Learn the words and grammar rule how to use many and much, some, a and any. some кілька orange We’ve got some oranges. апельсин В нас є апельсини idea I’ve got a good idea.  

19 08, 2017

My Working Day Year 1

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Learn to speak about your daily routine. My Working Day Year 1 will help you learn new words to tell what you usually do every day. My Working Day Year 1 Learn new words to speak about your working day. get up - вставати (з ліжка) go to school - йти до школи go home - йти додому go

16 08, 2017

Year 1 Learn the words

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We go on learning the words. This presentation will help you to have more practice. Pay attention to some rules of reading.  

14 06, 2017

The World of Insects

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Let's have a look at the world of insects. Insects play significant roles in the ecology of the world due to their vast diversity of form. Insects form an important part of the food chain. Let's learn the names of some of them. Vocabulary List "The World of Insects" an insect - insects комаха an ant - ants мурашка

23 03, 2017

Learn the ABC

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Learn the letters of the ABC Sing the ABC song

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