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21 05, 2019

Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages

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Writing Write an argumentative essay Mobile Phones Advantages and Disadvantages Like all new high-technology devices, mobile phones have generated a large number of disscusions and arguments. Opponents claim our privacy has been seriously invaded, whereas supporters say mobile phones are a necessity in this modern life. To begin with, we live in a fast and

25 01, 2019

The Future of the Book

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Do computers mean that there will be no books in future? Use this information to write an argumentative essay Electronic Books The death of the book has been predicted for centuries. There were those who thought that the invention of printing heralded the end of civilization. Cinema, radio and television have all been presented as

13 01, 2019

Genetically Modified Food

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Here you will find information for an  argumentative essay What do you think of GM food? What is GMO or GM food? Genetically modified foods (GMOs or GM fo short) are foods that have had their DNA changed through genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is the process of manipulating an organism's genes directly — by transplanting DNA from

23 11, 2018

The Reasons People Attend Schools

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Writing an Argumentative Essay Year 8 People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend schools? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. To get higher or specialized education people study at colleges and universities. They prepare for their

21 11, 2018

Advantages and Disadvantages of City and Country Life

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Writing an argumentative essay Rural and urban life is so different. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of life in the city and in the country. Some people prefer living in big cities while others enjoy their life in the country. It is absolutely normal because urban and rural life has its positive and negative

3 02, 2018

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

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Write an argumentative essay We can't live without the Internet in modern society. I'd like to say about its advantages and disadvantages. One positive aspect of the internet is communication with people all over the world. Secondly, you can find any information in the web preparing reports, downloading your own information and doing tasks of your homework.

31 01, 2018

An Argumentative essay: The Internet

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Wrting an argumentative essay Write an argumentative essay for or against the following statement: The Internet has improved our life. The internet has improved our life. But is this really an improvement? There are some arguments both for and against. One positive aspect of the internet is convenience. Firstly, you can communicate with people all over

29 01, 2018

Argumentative essay: Are you for or against zoos?

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Writing an argumentative essay Some people think that zoos are out-of-date and cruel institutions that should be closed down. Do you agree? Write an argumentative essay (for/against a statement) At the moment zoos are very popular. Many people think that animals should be in zoos, although there are some arguments both for and against them.

18 01, 2018

Are you for or against using vegetarianism?

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Writing an argumentative essay Write a discussion essay with the title: Are you for or against using vegetarianism? Explain your answer. Think and plan: What is the situation at the moment? What arguments for and against vegetarianism can you think of? What is your personal opinion? At the moment vegetarianism is becoming more and more

17 01, 2018

Are You For or Against Animal Testing? Discussion Essay

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Writing an argumentative essay Are you for or against using animals for medical research? More than 350 years ago, scientists discovered that animals have ot similar bodies and organs to humans. So, in order to prevent human diseases, scientists tested new drugs on animals before they gave them to to humans. They say that without