Hello! My name is Irynka.  I’m from Ukraine. I’ve got dark hair and blue eyes. I think I’m cheerful, helpful and hard-working. I never feel lonely because I’ve got a lot of friends. I’m fond of hanging out with my friends at the weekend and I love going to parties.

I’m crazy about sport dancing and gymnastics. I often take part in sports competitions and I’ve got many rewards. I also enjoy listening to music. I attend music school twice a week and learn to play the piano. I’m interested in learning languages. 

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Electrical Appliances

February 12th, 2024|

Electrical Appliances Are Essential Tools Hi, I'm Irynka. In our homes, there is a magical world of electrical appliances that make our lives easier and more fun. These gadgets run on electricity and help us

My Classroom

November 30th, 2023|

Describe your classroom, will you? Let's learn how to describe a classroom. To describe your classroom say: what it looks like: what floor the room is on; its size (how long, high and wide it is);

Rest in the Carpathians

August 20th, 2023|

Our Rest in the Carpathians A lot of Ukrainians like to spend their holiday or have a rest in the Carpathians a beautiful region of mountains, steep streams and clean air. The Carpathians are the part

Trip by Train

June 18th, 2023|

Writing an Informal Letter Write about your last journey: a voyage by ship, a journey by plane or a trip by train. Level A2 Hi there! I'm Irynka and here is my letter to a

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