English Lessons

My English Lessons Hi there! I'm Dasha. This essay is about my English lessons with the words of gratitude to my teacher. My English journey started when I became a student at a school specializing

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Modern Gadgets

Modern Gadgets in Our Life Lots of people use modern gadgets in their everyday life. A modern gadget is an advanced and compact device that uses technology to enhance specific tasks or activities. Examples include smartphones,

Moving in Search of Another Place

Writing Moving in search of another place to live increases our understanding of the world and offers new challenges and opportunities. Exam in Mind Level B1 / B2 Many people spend their entire lives in

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My Dream House

What Is the House of Your Dream? My dream house is a place where I'll find comfort and peace. What is the house of your dream? Write an essay, will you? Exam in Mind Level

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Become Vegetarians

Should We All Become Vegetarians? In recent years, there has been a growing awareness about the environmental, ethical, and health implications of our dietary choices. As a result, an increasing number of people are considering

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Future Plans

Writing About Future Plans Write an essay about your future plans. In your text: write what you are going to do after leaving school; write about what your ambitions are; describe your vision of your

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Extended Family Living

Writing an Argumentative Essay Write an argumentative essay for and against extended family living. A typical extended family consists of three generations living together under one roof, in the same household. The best way of extended family

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Teenagers’ Spare Time

Writing Time: Teenagers' Spare Time Task: Imagine you've got a letter from an English-speaking friend who asks you what teenagers in your country usually do in their free time. Write a reply to him/her and

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