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Shevchenko Street

Tell about your street Elementary School Level A1 Hi, I am Nastia. I live in Kaniv, a well known Ukrainian town. Everyone in Ukraine knows my town because it is linked with the name of

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Kyiv Ukraine Capital City

What do you know about the capital of Ukraine? Elementary school: learn to speak about Kyiv Hi, I'm Vlad and I've learnt to speak about Kyiv Ukraine capital city in English. Kyiv is the capital

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The Street I Live In

My Street Elementary School Hello, my name is Vlad. Today I'll tell you about the street I live in. It's called Geroiv Nebesnoi Sotni (Heavenly Hundred Heroes Street)  and it is one the central streets

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Funny Facts about Ostriches My name is Anastasia. I love birds very much, from the smallest, such as hummingbirds, to the largest such as ostriches. The  ostrich is the largest bird in the world. I will

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Fly High 3 A Week in London

Holiday in London Fly High 3 A Week in London Sally’s Story will help you discover the capital of Great Britain, learn Past Simple of regular and irregular verbs and revise the days of the week

Fly High 3 Past Simple Irregular Verbs

Let's Learn Irregular Verbs Fly High 3 Past Simple Irregular Verbs will help use irregular verbs in your own sentences. Vocabulary have (had, had) We had a wonderful time. Did we have a wonderful time? Yes, we

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My Pet

My Pet  Do you have a pet? If you don't have one, tell about a pet you would like to have. I'm Karina and I love animals very much but I don't have a pet.

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My Street

My Street Hi! I live in Kaniv. I live in Geroiv Dnipra Street. My street is rather long and lovely. There are many blocks of flats in my street and I live in one of

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